Bird Net

Bird netting

The complete bird proofing solution

Everyone loves birds, but they create problems too

Damage building aesthetics| Impacts on human health due to pigeon droppings|

Fouling from droppings & slippery floor

Unhygienic conditions & noise disturbance due to

Their nesting & roosting

Our bird netting solutions are designed to be long-lasted

And aesthetically beautiful.

We offer special bird nets & spikes fixing which act as a

barrier to keep you and our feathered friends safe.

Top Grade Stainless- Steel Framework & accessories:

Long lasting, SS 316 grade

Any compromise in steel causes rust & durability issues.

Neat and safe installation : well trained, certified


Well equipped and reliable experts guarantee safe

Safe service delivery

Aesthetic & highly durable Garware HDPE nets”

Chemically inert, UV treated

Usage of Nylon/ plastic net results in stretch over

The time and hamper visibility/ durability

3 years warrany – We are one call away for any support

We come with 28 years of expertise to deliver quality

Service, trusted by scores of customers

Key Feature


HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene Net)

Does not expand

UV Resistant

Chemically inert

Water proof – No Rusting

No visibility / Ventilation loss


Stainless stell wired framework

Provides sturdiness to installed

Bird nets


All material used for framework are SS 316

Grade rust proof and durable

Corner fixture & intermediate fixtures helps

In getting the entire framework in single alignment

SS metal wire helps in holding the net in proper shape

Barrel strainer puts the required tension on metal wire to

Keep the frame stretched & firm.

Garware HDPE net acts as a physical barrier to avoid

Bird entry in humane way

Hog rings helps in fixing the net in wire framework.

Spike – Material

Stainless Steel – SS 302 Surgical Grade SS Spikes / Polycarbonate base

Climate Resistant – UV Treated

1 year warranty